What authentic experience means for us

We are passionate travelers, and what we enjoy the most is to get in contact with locals when we explore new countries and regions. Nothing tells you more about the way people live and feel than spending some time with them.

These days authentic experience is a new trend in tourism, but too many times it implemented halfhearted. Homestays are becoming 3 star hotel rooms and cooking classes are set up in a way that might pleasing the guests, but is far from the way locals actually prepare their meals.

When tourists asked us about good local food in Siem Reap, we knew some nice restaurants, but most serving the same food, and we also felt, that tourists want a local experience in Siem Reap.

We decided to go back to what authentic means: the way people live everyday, cook everyday and work everyday. We want connect travelers with locals, and having a meal together is a easy way to get connected.

Even when we call them hosts, their job is not to prepare a meal for you and serve it, but to show local hospitality and spend time together. Experience is not a one way thing.

Authentic experience is a journey without expectations, full of positive surprises, new memories, a feast for all senses. Give one of our hosts a try, when you are in Cambodia.