The best reasons to travel (now) to Cambodia

Date : Feb - 27 - 2020

Even if travel is right now not on everyone’s priority list, there are good reasons to book or start a trip to Cambodia now. We tell you the 5 best reasons to travel to Cambodia.

1. favourable prices, good connections

Cambodia is one of the few countries where there are no cases of Covid 19 virus. This makes it a safe country to travel to, and at present prices are also quite low. The government has not only given tax breaks to hotels, but also extended the validity of tickets for Angkor Wat until the end of June. The one-day ticket is now valid for 2 days, the three-day ticket is valid for 5 days. This gives travelers even more time to explore the temples and the surrounding area.

In addition, the Arab airline Emirates now flies directly to Phnom Penh, so that if you are coming from Europe you no longer have to change planes in Bangkok or other cities. Qatar Airways will even fly directly to Siem Reap from the end of the year.

2. rich culture

Sam peah, the Khmer greeting for older people

Sam peah, the Khmer greeting for older people

The Cambodian culture is one of the oldest still existing cultures and formed the basis for the Thai and Lao culture. The Khmer empire was once larger than that of Charlemagne and even today the country is rich in cultural offerings. Most famous is of course the temple of Angkor Wat, there are also many other sights. A small insider tip is Banteay Chhmar, about 3 hours west of Siem Reap. Here a Khmer temple is maintained by the village community, which also offers travelers to stay overnight in the village and eat together.
In Siem Reap as well as in Phnom Penh and in Battambang, art scenes of modern local artists are developing and are attracting more and more attention. They take up historical themes like the Khmer Empire and the reign of terror of the Khmer Rouge, but also modern developments like climate change and pollution.

3. great food is one of the best reasons to travel to Cambodia

Cambodian cuisine was already established in its basic features during the reign of King Jayawarman II, who also ruled the Khmer Empire in its greatest expansions. It has influences from India, but contains many local spices and ingredients. Fish is one of the most important ingredients because it was an easy source of protein. Today there are also very tasty fish dishes, such as a meat stew and the famous Beef Lok Lak. Increasingly, vegetarian dishes are also available. In Cambodia many different soups – Samlor – are cooked, ranging from a sour broth to a creamy curry. Grilled meat is also popular, which travelers can also buy at street stalls. Those who like it exotic can also try stuffed frogs and fried insects.

4. enchanting landscapes

If you travel between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap by car or bus you will get a first impression of the landscape. Along the National Road 6 there are rice fields which sometimes reach up to the horizon. But Cambodia has even more to offer, for example the forests in Norng Kabat in Ratanakiri province. Here you can still see wild animals and untouched nature, as well as breathtaking waterfalls and hidden ponds where you can fish.

5. meet nice people

Meeting people is one of the best reasons to travel to Cambodia

Meeting people is one of the best reasons to travel to Cambodia

If you are traveling in a group or with other tourists, you will sometimes not have time to get in touch with locals. Thereby, one gets a much better insight into the culture of the country and the different habits. At Dine With The Locals you will meet Cambodian families and spend a few hours together. They cook and eat together, but also have time to visit the family’s home and the surrounding area and to exchange ideas.