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Find out where to eat in Siem Reap, Battambang, Phnom Penh and other cities in Cambodia

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We offer local food experiences in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Banteay Meanchey and more. Explore cooking with locals and the difference between Cambodian street food and homemade Khmer food.

Khmer food experience

Every hosts will prepare three Khmer dishes for you. You can cook with the locals or just watch, and you will have lunch or dinner with the Khmer family after. Also learn about skills like silk weaving, organic farming and modern Khmer art.

Support Khmer families

Our hosts are our family. Our mission is to provide additional income to Khmer families and connect them to the tourism industry. We also help our hosts with basic trainings in personal finance and hospitality and food hygiene, if needed.

Featured Hosts

Our hosts are from different cities in Cambodia, offering the whole range of Cambodian food.

Sarin Tuoch and Kosal: Khmer food in an ancient house

Sarin Tuoch and his wife Kosal live in a traditional Khmer wooden house along the Sangker river. They grow many kind of fruits herbs and vegetable around the house. Come a bit earlier and watch (or help) cooking the meal and learn about how its done. ...

Vannarith: Enjoy the Angkor forest

Ms. Vannarith and her family live in a small Khmer house, surrounded by trees in Siem Reap. It is part of the Angkor forest and on the way to the famous temples (NO ANGKOR TICKET NEEDED). The family also has a small chicken farm in the back yard as well as a beautiful garden. While the husband is wo ...

Sareth: Explore a mushroom farm and a secret

Sareth and her family live near the Siem Reap river in the south part of the town, where it's less crowded. She is an English teacher, but the family also grows mushrooms and bananas on the premises.The family also have another business: Breeding crocodiles. But there are no animals harmed, only the ...

Yem Panha: Organic farm and vegetables

Yem Panha runs her own organic farm near Battambang (15 min drive), and is passionate about food and healthy lifestyle. She is working hard and supports her family with the vegetables she is growing and selling, but she also gets help from some members of her family. Here you can eat with locals in ...

Unique Experiences

We are not just about food, but promote Khmer culture. Learn about Khmer cooking, Apsara dance, organic farming, silk production and the daily life.

Modern Khmer art

You may know the art of the ancient Khmer artists, but we get you in touch with Vannak Khun, a modern Khmer artist in Phnom Penh. He will show you his sculptures, paintings and photos. You will also cook with him yummy Khmer food. Vannak’s art is sometimes stationary, sometimes a performance and s ...

Organic farm

The concept of organic farming in Cambodia is still new. But our host Panha believes in healthy food and a sustainable production. She will take you around her farm in Battambang. Later you can help her prepare the Khmer food with the organic vegetables from Battambang. Organic farming has become ...

Silk weaving

Have you ever seen a silk farm? Our host Naysim on the outskirts of Phnom Penh has her own silk farm. You can learn how silk is made and even can try weaving and spinning. Afterwards you can help her cooking famous Cambodian dishes like Beef Lok Lak. Cambodia’s tradition of silk dates back to o ...

Mushroom farm

Learn how mushrooms are made in Siem Reap. The province is famous for its farms, and many hosts like Sarat's family has a small farm in the backyard. You can go inside and experience the change of climate and the typical smell of fresh mushrooms. The way the oyster mushrooms are grown in mushroom ...

Recent Blog Posts

We love to share our stories about food in Cambodia, cooking with locals and our food tour in Cambodia.

How to cook homemade Khmer food

Cooking is passion, and it doesn't matter if you do this at home or as a professional chef. We  focus on Khmer homemade food and the traditional way of cooking. The recipes at our host families were handed down from generation to generation, from the grandparents to the parents to the children. Dis ...

Cambodian Beef Lok Lak: authentic recipe

When I was a little girl, having Beef Lok Lak on the dinner table was a rare occasion in Siem Reap. It was considered a special food, and it was expensive. When we had a ceremony or a birthday, then I walked with my mom to the market. She carefully selected the best beef from the muslim butchers. Ba ...

Plastic free food experience in Cambodia

We are taking the environment we live in seriously. Cambodia has precious forests, waterfalls, costal areas and beautiful landscapes. This should be preserved. But we are also aware of the lack of infrastructure, in particular when it comes to garbage. While we cannot change all at once to a plastic ...

Dine With The Locals at Tripadvisor APAC Summit 2019

We just came back from the Tripadvisor APAC Summit 2019. We learned a lot about improvements we can do on Tripadvisor but also recent trends in the travel industry. Tripadvisor's sole focus is on the customer experience, a strategy that we share. Working in the travel industry means you are memory c ...

TripAdvisor Reviews

We love to hear from our guests, and our hosts are happy to read the reviews too. See what others say about us.
  •   2 friends and I tried the cooking and weaving experience in Areyksat (Phnom Penh) last Sunday and we loved it! Thank you to our hosts who have been so kind to us. We had a great time and we definitely recommend this.

    Maud M

      We were able to eat lunch with an amazing group of women who grow, harvest, and weave silk. Not only did we get to see the process but we were able to try our hand at weaving!! Then we got to help make lunch and...More

    thumb Dgklein

      The locals I ate with cooked really nice Cambodian food, I talked to them for about where I should visit in Cambodia next, they were very insightful and knowledgeable in helping us out. They definitely added an unforgettable experience to our visit in Cambodia.

    thumb SaYou123
  •   It was one of the best experience I have ever had in my life. With $20, I get a cooking class, a full meal and an interesting conversation with the locals. We arrive a bit early because we was just so eager to find out...More

    thumb Saksky

      It was amazing, the unique experience of having the opportunity to dine with local and listen to their life sorry is just surreal. Definitely recommend and I’ll make sure I’ll be back.

    thumb Kimtanjeguk

      When i found their website, i found the concept is very interesting, and it was a way exceed my expectation. The hosts i met were very kind, funny, friendly, and good english speakers, made my evening so special. Of course they were great cook, too....More

    thumb YoungwookH1
  •   Had a wonderful experience with great meals and great people. You can get to know Cambodian culture and try out authentic cuisine at the same time. Highly recommended for travelers who want a unique experience in Seam Reap.

    thumb kooooyn

      It was a great experience to have a diner with Cambodian family in kind of traditional house. Food was so amazing and people were so kind and nice! I highly recommend!!

    thumb redtiny

      Highly recommend for travellers who want to get in touch with local people, get to know their way of live and try authentic Khmer food. We had a great evening with delicious food & company.

    thumb Maria V
  •   A must for every Cambodian traveler who wants to get to know the country and its people. Far away from the crowded tourist areas, you can get a little closer to the Cambodian people and get to know their authentic cuisine. That was the highlight...More

    thumb mahop12

      Is there a better way to get into contact with locals and learn more about the cambodian culture and khmer specialties? Defnitely not! This was not just a cooking class, i got also much information about the country and the people living here. This is...More

    thumb ericsp2019

      Decided to try this experience, and it was worth the doing. We were not sure what to expect but we experienced Siem Reap from the local point of view and lived a local for a day. A must try if you in the area

    Valentine K
  •   Decided to try this experience, and it was worth the doing. We were not sure what to expect but we experienced Siem Reap from the local point of view and lived a local for a day. A must try if you in the area

    Valentine K

      A met a friend of a friend in Seim Reap, Cambodia who mentioned a new way of meeting local people.Its simply called Dining with Locals.So I througy why not, after all most of my interactions with local people are mostly through going to eat ,taxis ,shops where local people work.I thought it would be nice to go and eat with a local family and a good way to give something back to the local community. I was served a delicious meal of fish,pork in pepper soup,beef and various vegetables and noodles.Of course vegetarian options are available. My two hosts,mother and daughter both spoke a good level of English.Only the second time I have been in a local person's home in the 17 weeks I have been away on my trip.A lovely evening talking about each other's interests and history Fine food ,great company,I think even if my hosts had spoken no English I would have enjoyed my evening with a local Cambodian family. Give this experience a go.I know you will enjoy the experience.

    Fidel M

      Myself and my friend went for lunch with Vannarith - what a great afternoon. We were hosted by Vannarith and her family, a little way out of town which felt like we were in the middle of the countryside - a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap.
    We were able to hangout with Vannarith whilst she was cooking our amazing local food. She'd gone to extra effort to make a really cute dining area too. There was plenty of food for us and a couple of cold beers too!
    Would thoroughly recommend the experience and look forward to dining with another host soon!