We are back: Enjoy food adventures with locals families in Cambodia

Date : May - 20 - 2022

We had rough two years, but now we are back. Dine With The Locals will continue to connect travelers with local families in Cambodia (and in two cities in Vietnam) and provide great food adventures. We are finishing our process to update our lists of host and started to onboard new hosts. 

Learn how to throw a Cambodian fishing net

Learn how to throw a Cambodian fishing net

Our food adventures are more than a cooking class

Say hello to Ms. Sokvy, who lives in the outskirts of Siem Reap, next to rice fields, with her husband and her kids. While Mr. Chantry is buy as a driver (he will pick you up and bring you back when you book with us), she is taking care of the house. We visited her recently and consulted the family regarding food and activity selection. Expect one of the best dishes in Cambodia, Tek Kreung, and lean how to make this thick soup (some call it a paste) made of pea eggplants and river fish.

You will also learn how locals go fishing (no animals harmed during this experience): Mr. Chantry will show you how to throw a fishing net. It is traditionally used for fishing in ponds, but also in shallow waters like the Tonlesap lake (Asias biggest lake).

Good bye to some great hosts

We had some amazing hosts during the last three years, providing authentic food adventures and great experiences. It’s no surprise, that some changed location and work during the pandemic. First of all, all of the host families survived the crises and are doing good. But some found new jobs, moved to Phnom Penh or other cities. 

One hosts made a remarkable progress: Ms Hong Ginlai, who runs a food stall in Siem Reap. When we started with her, guests could prepare street food in the morning in a made shift stall. She later had to move – what turned out to be a great opportunity. She told us, that she has to pause now taking guests for food adventures because she is too busy. We could not be more happy to see her being so successfull. Watch our video and see what you have missed.

Finding more food adventures in Cambodia

After we have updated our current list of hosts we will find more soon. Ms. Sokvy is just the first. We are looking for more families in Battambang and in and around Phnom Peng now. To be a host at Dine With The Locals, a family needs to provide a menu with three local dishes as well as a interesting experience beside cooking with guests.

Ms. Kaum provides an amazing food adventure in Siem Reap

Ms. Kaum provides an amazing food adventure in Siem Reap

And one more thing: You may hav noticed that we had to increase our prices. This is due rising costs for food in Cambodia, but also for our operations. Host get the biggest share of what you pay, because our main goal is to eatable women to earn money in their home and provide a great food adventure for foreign guests.