Two new food adventures in Siem Reap

Date : May - 27 - 2022

While slowly coming back, we already found two new host families to take part in the Dine With The Locals network of food adventures. An we can assure you great food and unforgettable experiences. Both families live in Siem Reap, both build new house, yet they look quite different. So are the experiences we always add to the adventure.

Food adventure and a fishing net

Learn how to throw a Cambodian fishing net

Learn how to throw a Cambodian fishing net

Mr. Chantry is a driver we know for quite a while. His wife Sokvy usually stays at home, cooks and takes care of the kids. She is ideal to join us, since out goal is to empower women and help them to get an additional income. Part of the food adventures is to cook Tek Kreung, made from cooked fish and roasted vegetables. A delight for mouth and eyes. After your meal Chantry will show you how to use the tradional Cambodian fishing net. Chantry will also pick you up and bring you back to your hotel in his rickshaw – a three wheeler replacing tuktuks in Cambodia now.

Lots of herbs and lovely gifts

Ms. Dary lives in the southern part of Siem Reap with her husband and two boys. She worked in a hotel before, and has a good eye for decoration as well as food. Her house is a more modern style, yet you will cook local food and eat – part of the food adventure – on the floor in a mat. But before you have to pick some ivy leaves and lemon form the tree. The food highlight is Nam Ban Chok, fresh rice noodles, eat with chicken and lots of herbs. 

Folding a bracelet

Folding a bracelet

Our first full vegetarian option food adventures

Since Ms. Dary is very experienced, she can offer all three dishes suitable for vegetarians. We will replace meat with tofu and mushrooms, and if you want, even don‘t use fish sauce (although its an important ingredient).

After your meal you will learn how to make gifts like bracelets or coasters from palm leaves – which you have to cut yourself just form the garden opposite the house.

You can book your food adventures with a local family on our website or send us a whats app message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.