How to use the Noni tree and fruit

Date : Dec - 20 - 2019

The Noni tree (its scientific name is Morinda Citrifolia) is well know in Cambodia, but also all arround the world. Every culture has it’s own word for the green plant with the big green leaves. In Cambodia you can find two species:  one grows forest and one grows around the villages. You can eat only the fruits from the domesticated species. 

The fruit of the Noni tree

The fruit of the Noni tree

In the Cambodian culture the noni tree has many uses. You can use it as a traditional medicine, food or juice,  also you can also use it as a cosmetic. The Noni tree fruit has green colour when it still young, then becomes yellow and at the end white when it is ripe.  When the fruit riped it has a strong unpleasend smell. 

Dried fruits are often grinded into a powder. Khmer people presse the seeds to extract oil from it. The latter is a complicated process and in many villages kept as a secrets between the elder.

In Cambodia we use the noni fruit as a traditional medicine and fr the famous Cambodian food called AmokFood in Cambodia: All you need to know. Khmer people believe that noni fruit helps a lot for health and protect from some illness. They like to use it for beauty as well. In the past Khmer people made a traditional medicine from noni tree, especially in the countryside. 


Do you want to make Noni tree medicine?

Ok , then let me tell you how it made. 

First you need some middle aged but nut yet ripe noni tree fruits. Clean them with water and keep keep the in the house to ripe a bit more. Then you need some sugar or honey ( the amount of sugar or honey depends on how many noni fruit you use). Put sugar or honey with noni fruit to make sure it mixes together well. Then put it in a jar and keep it sealed for 18 days to 20 days.  


How to use Noni tree fruit drink medicine: 

Drink a little amount before meals 3 to 4 times per day. As a traditional medicine it can help against aging and scars of acne. It is NOT recommended for pregnant women, people with kidney and liver problems. Some people will get a bad smell in their breath from eat.


How to use Noni for Amok

Fish Amok ist one of the most popular dishes in Cambodia. Pieces of fresh fish are mixes together with Kreung paste and coconut as well as chilli. But to make it special, you need noni tree leaves. Cut those which are full green (not dark, not bright) from a tree an wash them. Once you made the fish amok and it is in the steaming dish, cut the leaves into stripes and place it over the fish mix. Steam it for 20-30 minutes. You can see a video how to make fish Amok at our host Ms. Laum here.

Finely sliced noni leaves

  Finely sliced noni leaves

Fish amok with noni tree leaves

Fish amok with noni tree leaves

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