Free refill, not landfill at our hosts in Cambodia

Date : Sep - 12 - 2019

As a service aiming to saving culture and environment, we already encouraging successfully our hosts to reduce plastic as much as they can. Food comes for examples from their own gardens. Many buy vegetables, meat and fish  from the nearby local market. Often the goods are just wrapped in banana leaves or put in a basket. At the hosts homes we eliminated already the use of plastic bottles for our guests, and now we can go a step further: Guests who bring their own bottle can get a free and unlimited refill of water during their stay. Some hosts also offer tea made from locals plants, like pandan leaf. 

Our hosts will refill bottles for free

Our hosts will refill bottles for free

Dine With The Locals supports the Refill, not landfill campaign with this measure and reduce the use of plastic bottle as much as possible. With our free refills we want to encourage tourists and travelers to play a part in saving the beauty of the Cambodian nature and the environment. 

Refill and recycle

Many businesses in Siem Reap already took part in similar measures, reducing small plastic bottles in tours, events and activities. Furthermore, our hosts also collect those bottles and cans they can’t avoid and hand them over to the collectors. This way, we make sure that waste is not wasted. We generate some income and ensure plastic and aluminium gets back in the production cycle.  Aluminium for example has an already a high percentage of recycled material, and Pet plastic can be used for other plastic bottles and material when proper collected and recycled. 

We are listed on GreenCleanCambodia and we take environmental issues very serious. We will continue to come up with ideas and measures to furthermore help local families to achieve the goals to keep Cambodia green. 

If you have any suggestions how we can do better, please drop us a message, either though our contact form or via Facebook, Twitter​ and Instagram. You can also send us a WhatsApp-Message