Crocodile meat in Siem Reap in TV-Show

Date : Apr - 20 - 2019

We will soon become famous! Recently we had a film-team from Germany visiting our host Sarat in Siem Reap. For now we cannot tell much more about what exactly they were filming for (but will do once it’s broadcasted). But it was an interesting experience, in particular the crocodile meat in Siem Reap.


We had a filmteam visiting us in Siem Reap. Part of our offer was to try crocodile..

For Sarat it was the first time to be on camera. She also had to speak English, what was not a problem at all. Thomas then translated it to German. It took the team around 3 hours in total. They found it interesting to see the way of preparing Khmer food. The camera closed up to the mortar with the fresh spice paste , but also to the pan. There was yummy fish sizzling in oil before then mixed with spices.


Sarat gets a microphone on her shirt – first time on camera!

Another interesting part was to see the original wooden house of a Khmer family. A visit to a Khmer home is always surprising and impressive to guests from western countries. The wooden floor and walls makes it cool even in hot days. Under the house is then some even cooler place.


The team was interested in the daily life of a Khmer family.

The mushroom farm is also an interesting experience too many. Mushrooms in Europa grow usually in dark, moisture places like cellars and bars. Here in Cambodia it’s a hut with a roof and protecting nets on the side.

First time eating crocodile meat in Siem Reap

They will not become crocodile meat in Siem Reap

They will not become crocodile meat in Siem Reap


Last but not least the highlight: we usually don’t advertise that Sarat’s family also owns some crocodiles. And it was lucky day, they got fed with a lot of fish. The crocodiles are between 8 and 10 years old, and the lay eggs once a year. The family then sells the fertilized eggs to breeders. Sarat cooks then yummy omelette with the unfertilized eggs. And at the end, Sarat had some delicious pan fried spicy crocodile meat to taste – but bought from another farm.

Stir fried  crocodile meat in Siem Reap

Stir fried crocodile meat in Siem Reap