Celebrating World Food Day in Cambodia

Date : Oct - 17 - 2019

On October 16, the World Food Day is celebrated. He recalls the creation of FAO, a United Nations sub-organization, which took place on that day in 1945. The FAO is responsible for nutrition and agriculture.
Today, the day is also celebrated by the World Food Program of the United Nations. The World Food Day is intended to draw attention to a proper diet, but also to the still existing problem of malnutrition in Cambodia.

Cambodians prepare for World Food Day

Cambodians prepare for World Food Day

Every year there is a motto under which the World Food Day is held, this year it is “Healthy diets for a zero hunger world.”. This is intended to draw attention to the problems of malnutrition, which also exists in Cambodia.

While hunger is getting less and less in Cambodia, the problem of malnutrition is still there. Studies show that Cambodian children grow too slowly and are underweight for their age. Especially in rural areas, a balanced diet is difficult, but in many parts unknown. Children learn very early that rice makes the stomach full and is the cheapest staple. They eat very little vegetables and fruits, and protein is even rarer because meat and fish are expensive.

Word Food Day points to local issues

In addition, the fish in the Tonlesap Lake are getting smaller, and the lake continues to shrink in the dry season. Overfishing, especially of young fish, with a still growing population is a big problem. 

The Cambodian cuisine is quite healthy. It offers a balance of vegetables and meat, and also provides carbohydrates. The many Samlor soups ensure that you get enough liquid and minerals. Local dishes and ingredients such as Prahok have been invented to preserve protein throughout the winter and dry season. The World Food Day aims to raise awarness about those problems.

Our host families are also encouraged to cookhost families are also encouraged to cook more complete dishes through our offer. We want to help them understand food as a common activity, as it once was. We also tell them about a good diet for children, which is a challenge if you can buy cheap sweets just around the corner. This is part of our activities during the World Food Day, but also all over the year. 

As guests, you can also contribute by praising our host families for cooking and asking what they eat every day. If you kindly explain how important a healthy diet is – even if you do it in a few words and with your hands and feet – that’s a small step towards improvement.