An update for 2022: Dine With The Locals and food experiences in Siem Reap

Date : Mar - 23 - 2022

Cambodia has finally re-opened its borders to international tourism. You do not need a PCR anymore nor get tested at the airport. However, prof of vaccination is still required. At Dine With The Locals we had a hard time during Covid-19. So far, no one of us or the hosts got seriously sick, although some got infected. 

Since we had no tourists coming, the business broke down and we had to close the company we founded in 2020 as a start-up. It is now back as a web service in the hands of the Co-founder Thomas. We also lost some hosts, mainly because they got jobs, moved or other personal reasons. But we still got some requests for bookings, so we want to keep this going, but on a smaller level.

Dine With The Locals is a platform connecting hosts and guests. We see ourselves as a digitales service we provide. Although we promote our hosts and try to promote Cambodia as a tourism destination, our main goal is to provide a fast and easy service to hosts and guests. Thats why we withdraw from sites like AirBnB and Tripadvisor. We think, small is beautiful, and we do not want to give money to cooperations who see us as just a number in their database.

We do take commission from our hosts, but the main amount goes to the hosts families. We encourage guests to leave tips or buy products our hosts sell and produce. We want to help families and in particular women to get an additional income. So far, we did well until the pandemic hit us. The near futures will tell, how fast Cambodia can recover – and how fast we can get back on our feet. The team is small, we are still looking for people to join us – but recruiting for start-ups in Siem Reap is not an easy task. 

If you are interested in authentic food experiences while visiting Cambodia, our hosts are here for you. We are available in Siem Reap, Banteay Meanchay, Phnom Penh and Stung Treng – and hopefully soon again in Battambang.

We wish you all healthy days ahead!