Update: Cambodia during Covid-19

Date : Mar - 26 - 2020

Cambodia is relying on tourism, the visitors to Angkor Wat spend millions of dollars for tickets, food and accomodation. This is gone down to nearly zero. Latest numbers showed 100 tourists in Siem Reap, where there are usually thousands. The Siem Reap airport today hat 2 arrivals and 2 departures listed, and we get daily emails from hotel which are closing. The same is the case for many restaurants. Even with very few cases (close to 100 today) mainly attributed to foreign visitors, the country is preparing for a wave of infections.

The Cambodian government is very proactive, publishing videos and news. Infected foreigners will receive free treatment, for example. Officials visit villages and explain how to wash hands properly and what social-distancing means. Karaoke bars, cinemas, beer gardens and night clubs are closed already, we expect more closures soon.

Most of our hosts are doing fine since they don’t rely too much on tourism as an income source. The money they make with Dine With The Locals is always additional income. But some are in trouble, like the family where the husband is a tuk tuk driver, or our waffle seller, who has no customers anymore.

We all hope this will be over soon. In the meantime, we check with our hosts about their well being regularly. More important is that we hope that you as a traveler will soon come to Cambodia.

Please stay safe and healthy


All the best 


Co-Founder DINE WITH THE LOCALS and our team