Yem Panha: Organic farm and vegetables

Destination : Battambang,

About the host

Yem Panha runs her own organic farm near Battambang (15 min drive), and is passionate about food and healthy lifestyle. She is working hard and supports her family with the vegetables she is growing and selling, but she also gets help from some members of her family. Here you can eat with locals in an authentic way and have fun.

The menue

The experience

Yem Panha will take you around, and you can see alternative ways of building walls with old beer and other bottles and the way she is growing organic vegetables. You can spend some time in the quiet fields or even help her cooking the meal and getting the veggies form the field (highly recommended). Panha speaks enough English to tell you more about the life on a farm in Battambang. If you fancy a bike ride, she will take you around the villages and explain the farmers work day.