Srey Moch: Stories from a former Apsara dancer

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Srey Moch’s  house is a more modern house by local standards in Siem Reap, made of bricks and concrete, but still with Khmer style. She kept her garden, where she grows herbs and spices for the local food and where the dollar tree is located (ask her about it). Her helper is her mum, who also makes fried peanuts with sugar, kaffir lime, chili and salt and sells them.

She was an Apsara dancer before and now takes care of the house, the kids and her mom. She also loves to go to the gym and is a passionate photographer. Another activities was once cross stitching. She still has big handmade pictures in her house, all made stitch by stitch.

The menue

The experience

Srey Much lives with her mother in a nice house right after Wat Polanka. Before you come, we recommend to pay a visit to the temple. It’s one of the few temples with a cemetery, and it is also a hot spot for animal welfare activists, who regularly check on the dogs and cats (and who are happy for any support). At Srey Muchs house, let her explain the meaning of the shrine (in particular the small one) and the herb garden (ask for the dollar tree). Other than in Siem Reap restaurants she can get many herbs jut fro her house.

She was also an Apsara dancer. Srey Much is happy to show pictures and you may even learn a few steps.