Sareth: Khmer hospitality, great food and yummy desserts

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Sareth and her family live near the Siem Reap river in the south part of the town, where it’s less crowded. She is a housewife, but the family also grows dragon fruits, papayas and bananas on the premises.Her sister Sarath is an English teacher.The family also have another business: breeding crocodiles. But there are no animals harmed, only the fertilized eggs will be sold. The crocs enjoy a great life and you can’t get any crocodile meat here. Instead Sareth is becoming and expert in vegetarian food and makes a great fried tofu with ginger.

The Menu

Healthy Cambodian tofu fried and glazed with ginger, stir fried and cut in small pieces.

Curry style dish with fish, pork, vegetables, looks more spicy than it is.

Soup with pumpkin, eggplant and fish and lemongras paste


You will get the most delicious Khmer dessert, made by the family…

The experience

Learn about crocodile breeding, banana plants, dragon fruits and have a look at the collection of old oxcarts the father has kept for years. You can also learn how to grate coconuts for a delicious Khmer dessert in a traditional way. and as with all hosts you can help cooking and learn how to make a delicious Khmer dish. If available, Sareths’s mother will also show you how to make the famous dessert Num Chak, usually when you come for lunch because she sells desserts at the market in the afternoon. For those enjoying dinner she will keep some after she is back from the market.

Price: $25/px adults, $10/px kids up to 10 years

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