Phanny: Recipes from ancient times

Destination : Phnom Penh,

About the host

Phanny and her family live in the northern part of Phnom Penh, where it’s less crowded, yet not far from the town. She herself does not speak English, but her husband is fluent in English and French. Ms. Phanny was a vice president of one lower secondary school in Phnom Penh (formerly Kandal province). But now, her husband and she enjoying their retirement. In her free time, she likes to cook and loves to share authentic food with people around the world. They have 6 lovely cats and one dog.

The Menu


It is a kind of hot-soup which was named from a forest. It is cooked with a combination of chicken and varieties of fresh vegetables like colorful tomato, green pepper, and sweet pepper, mixed with Khmer Kroeung and tamarind. For Khmer Kroeung, she uses lemongrass stalk, Kaffir lime, Galangal, Rhizome, and garlic. To make a yellow Kroeung, she added turmeric a bit over than others to get color and flavor. Finally, the soup is added with holy basil known as M’rah prov.


A very fresh fried tropical vegetables mixed (gourd and sweet corn) with chicken egg will bring you an unforgettable experience of Khmer food. After cooking, she added Kampot pepper and spring onion over the fried.


A common right dish for every time meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. She could make it special by marinating the pork ribs with Kampot pepper (a special pepper from the southwest part of coastal of Cambodia), a little salt and sugar, oyster sauce and garlic, etc. Its smell will make you hungry!


Hot and steamy would be a good way to describe the weather in Cambodia. Therefore, the coconut jelly is a popular dessert to help you cool down the heat inside your body. Mixed gelatine powder with coconut water and let it stand for a few minutes.  After that top up it with coconut milk and leave in the fridge to set.

The experience

Phanny’s house is a common flat house in Phnom Penh but has interesting plants and flowers in front of the house. When you enter her house, you will see the mini-museum,  where her husband has a collection of daily tools of Khmer people in ancient time. There are a lot of memories remaining in her house. Have a great time,      come and visit to seek her private life in Cambodia.