Nue Thai

About the host

Ms. Nue Thai live east of Siem Reap, her house is a at a small canopy road and build in the traditional Khmer wooden house style, but with only one ground floor. If you want to experience the simple, but happy life of Khmer people and learn about homegrown vegetables (watch how she makes the omelette), then this a great place. It's easy to reach by bicycle, and surrounded by rice fields.

As in many Khmer homes, they have dogs and cats on the premise (or neighbors pets will come and have a look at you), but they are friendly and used to visitors. Enjoy playing with them!

The menue

The experience

Nue Thai lives in a simple house in Siem Reap, but has interesting plants on the left and right walls. Have a look and ask her, which one she used for the omelette. She also has some chicken in the back of the house, and her daughters are happy to try their English knowledge with you (although a bit limited, they are still young). If you come by bicycle, from here you can easily go south, pass by the prison and enjoy the rice fields. Whenever you ask where to eat in Siem Reap, this is a nice place.


  • ✓ wheelchair accessible
  • ✓ very basic English
  • ✓ outdoor
  • ✓ Good for cycling
  • ✓ Siem Reap

Simple pricing

You will pay directly to the hosts (for now). Please make sure you have the exact amount, because they may not be able to change. If you want to give a tip, feel free to do that. The common tip is 1-2 dollar.


Host Nue Thai

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