About the host

Naysim and her family own a silk producing and weaving business as well as a mango farm. You will take the ferry to come here, but it's a beautiful scenery on the way. If you want, take your bicycle with you.

The menue

The experience

Beside the delicious food you enjoy you can have a look at the cocoon, from where the silk is made. You can even try silk weaving yourself, Naysim is happy to explain the basics. And for the sweet tooth there is a mango farm on the premise.


  • ✓ Phnom Penh
  • ✓ Lunch
  • ✓ Dinner
  • ✓ Good for cycling
  • ✓ wheelchair accessible
  • ✓ outdoor
  • ✓ English

Simple pricing

You will pay directly to the hosts (for now). Please make sure you have the exact amount, because they may not be able to change. If you want to give a tip, feel free to do that. The common tip is 1-2 dollar.


Host Naysim

Please send us your request, we will confirm within 3 hours. You will get then a map and description where the host's place is (as well as a phone number)

We have only limited capabilities to cater to certain food requirements. This is authentic local experience. We cannot promise that we can follow your request, but will tell you with the confirmation email if it is possible or not.