Mom and Sam

About the host

Mom has three kids and lives in Siem Reap with mother and her sister in law Som, who has one girl. One husband is supervisor in a hotel, one is a truck driver. Both women live with their family and the grandmother in a beautiful Khmer house, The front yard has lots of shadow spending mango trees. The backyard is used as a field to grow organic morning glory (what is served in this meal and is part of Cambodian food).

Som speaks a few words English, while Mom only speaks Khmer. Both are used to foreigners from a nearby hotel, so they always find a charming way of communication.

As in many Khmer homes, they have dogs and cats on the premise, but they are friendly and used to visitors. Enjoy playing with them!

The menue

The experience

While Mom doesn't know English at all, Som speaks a bit. But it doesn't matter because the place is just beautiful. Explore the backyard , where they grow their own morning glory. Or play with the dogs (they are spayed, neutered and vaccinated by us, part of our animal welfare work), and very friendly. Or entertain the children, who are always happy to engage with visitors. Or just hang out on the hammock under the mango tree. If you come a bit early, the ladies are happy to let you watch preparing the food. Other than the best restaurants in Siem Reap, this is a truly local experience.


  • ✓ wheelchair accessible
  • ✓ pets on the premises
  • ✓ very basic English
  • ✓ outdoor
  • ✓ Siem Reap

Simple pricing

You will pay directly to the hosts (for now). Please make sure you have the exact amount, because they may not be able to change. If you want to give a tip, feel free to do that. The common tip is 1-2 dollar.


Host Mom and Sam

Please send us your request, we will confirm within 3 hours. You will get then a map and description where the host's place is (as well as a phone number)

We have only limited capabilities to cater to certain food requirements. This is authentic local experience. We cannot promise that we can follow your request, but will tell you with the confirmation email if it is possible or not.