Make Khmer street food in the morning

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Ms. Hong Ginlai is a women in her 40s and the proud owner of a street food restaurant in Siem Reap. Previously she worked in a restaurant with her mother, from her she learned cooking. She is passionate about food, and that why she offers up to 15 dishes during the day. Every morning she goes to the market at 4am and buys the ingredients she needs for the day. She closes only on public holiday. The single mother has three children. 

The Menu

Prahok Ktis: Not only Hong Ginlai’s favorite, but also a Khmer classic. Fish and pork is mixed with Prahok and then stir fried. Fresh herbs and flowers are served in the side.

Samlor machu: This soup is also called sour soup and can have different vegetables in it. A basic version is done with morning glory, but at Hong Ginlai’s place you get lotus flower stems and river fish.

Samlor Ko Khor: Not only a best seller, but also a signature dish in the street food restaurant. A soup made with Kreung paste and roasted rice powder as well as vegetables and chicken or fish.

The experience

You will become a street food vendor and prepare the dishes for the day. The experience starts at 8am, when all the food is prepared, and lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. Hong Ginlai and our staff will explain you in detail how a street food restaurant works, how to clean and cut the vegetables properly and how the Duek Trey Ambal Thum is made, a sauce not to miss. After preparing and setting up you will cook the food and then have a great breakfast, joined by locals who grab a bite before work.


Price: $25/px adults, $10/px kids up to 10 years

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