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We now have more than 12 cooking class host families in Cambodia. Learn how to prepare Khmer food and enjoy the times with a local family. You will get a unique and authentic experience. 

Chan Mony – Great Cooking class in Cambodia

Experience the authentic lifestyle of a Cambodian family . Ms. Chan Mony will not just lead this local culture and cooking class in Cambodia – more specifically in Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located. She and her daughter (or her friend) will lead you through traditions and duties of housewifes.

Ms. Dary: Great vegetarian cooking class host and 3 handmade gifts

Ms. Dary is a young mother of two boys, living in Siem Reap with her husband. He is a tour guide, and only a few years before Covid-19 they build their house in the south part of Siem Reap.  Dary worked in a hotel before, where she learned about Khmer noodles and has extensive knowledge about Cambodia.

Mr. Sokha: Soup, ribs and a village tour in Battambang

Mr Sokha is a tour guide in Battambang who knows the city well.  He and his wife, as well as the children, live together not too far from the city center in a traditional Khmer house, mostly made of wood. The cooking class host will invite you to learn how to cook in a local setting.


Cooking in the rice fields of Siem Reap with Ms. Sokvy

Ms. Sokvy is a mother of two boys living and a housewife, living at the outskirts of Siem Reap. Her house is located close to the rice fields, she and her neighbors grow vegetables in their garden. Ms. Sokvy is a full time house wife and a cooking class host with years of experience in preparing Khmer traditional food.

The most authentic Khmer food with Ms. Laum

Ms. Laum lives in the heart of Siem Reap and is a single mother. She is 54 years old and has to raise her only son since her husband left her when the boy was young. Since then, she works hard to make a living. She learned cooking by watching the preparations for weddings when she was a child.

Vannarith: A meal in the Angkor forest

Ms. Vannarith and her family live in a small Khmer house, surrounded by trees in Siem Reap. It is part of the Angkor forest and on the way to the famous temples (NO ANGKOR TICKET NEEDED). The family also has a small chicken farm in the back yard as well as a beautiful garden.

Ms. Thourn: The tailor who loves recycling

Ms. Thoun Voleak is 30 years old, a lady who come from Kampong Kleang village. The cooking class host works as a tailor at the market. She started to learn sewing clothes when she left her village with the owner of wedding dress shop in Siem Reap province.  

Ms. Kanika: Regional food of Cambodias north-east

Kanika grew up in the north-eastern town of Stueng Treng, not far from the border with Laos. She runs a restaurant together with her German husband. While some guests are tourists, she mostly serves locals with her food from the north-east of Cambodia. 

Naysim: Silk farm and Beef Lok Lak

Naysim and her family own a silk producing and weaving business as well as a fruit farm. You will take a tuk tuk and the ferry to come here from downtown its about 30 minutes, but it’s a beautiful scenery on the way.

Ms. Chanlon and a garden full of surprises

Ms Chanlon is a 72 year old mother who was born and raised in Battambang. During the Khmer Rouge period she had to leave the city with her six children and stay at the countryside. 

Nue Thai: Simple life of a family in Siem Reap

Ms. Nue Thai live east of Siem Reap, her house is at a small canopy road and build in the traditional Khmer wooden house style, but with only one ground floor. 

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