A family of six, ancient culture and BBQ

Destination : Siem Reap,

About the host

Ms. Sophea is a young Mother who works in a popular restaurant here in Siem Reap. “I live in a rented house with my husband and 4 children. I love to cook and each night either my husband or I create something special for us all. We also like to meet new people, and we always have guests in hour house, foreigner and Khmer. I have been living in Siem Reap since I was 15 years old after growing up in a small community 60km away. I started work washing motorcycles but soon moved in with a family who have a small restaurant and started working for them. I owned a small bbq place for a while which only increased my passion for food. Now I work in a large kitchen  where I am learning to cook western dishes.” “


The Menu

BBQ Fish with homemade Khmer chili sauce

A grill is part of every Khmer household, from simple ones placed on the floor to a bit more advanced models. The fish is fresh from the market. Usually wrapped in banana leaves the family uses aluminium foil to speed up the process.

Crispy belly pork with Chinese Cabbage

This dish is a great example of the influence of Chinese cuisine, that dates back hundreds of years.  Cambodian pork is one of th ebest in the region, and the meat comes from small pork farms in Siem Reap.

Traditional sour soup with either fish, beef or chicken

You haven’t had a Khmer meal without a soup. This Samlor Machu  is a very special dish, with lemongrass and other ingredients. Let us know what kind of meat you prefer.

The experience

You will be greeted by the very active kids at the front gate. First you will have a look at the lush garden and the fruit trees growing there. Also you will notice a small shrine in front of the house and in the house. Sopheas husband Matthew, who is a teacher, will explain you the difference between the shrines, how they are used and what meaning they have in Khmer culture.


Of course you will cook together in the kitchen. The family cooks with gas, so it’s less smoky in the house. You will learn how to stuff the fish, the secrets of crispy pork belly and how to make a Khmer soup. After everything is done. eat together and ask as many questions about the life in Cambodia as you like.