Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia is a main stop for travelers. The city mirrors the history, from the Royal Palace to the Killing Fields and the new Diamond Island development. One of the things to do in Phnom Penh is get in touch with locals. Only this way you can experience the authentic Cambodia with the locals.

Our host Naysim runs a silk farm with her family. They produce Khmer silk, a century old product once named the golden silk because of the cocoons yellow color. Guest learn how to weave and spin silk and will have a great time with a local cooking class – but the way we do it.

The artist Vannak Khun has exihibitions in France and Japan and is happy to invite you to his studio and appartement near the Central Market. Have a chat about Cambodias art scene and enjoy delicious Khmer food.

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Phanny: Recipes from ancient times

Phanny and her family live in the northern part of Phnom Penh, where it’s less crowded, yet not far from the town. She herself does not speak Engli ...

Naysim: Silk farm and Beef Lok Lak

Naysim and her family own a silk producing and weaving business as well as a fruit farm. You will take the ferry to come here, but it's a beautiful s ...

Vannak Khun: Chat over a meal with a passionate artist

Vannak Khun is a talented modern artist and photographer, living and working in his place in walking distance from the Central Market in Phnom Penh. ...