Covid-19 in Cambodia: Latest news

Date : Mar - 08 - 2020

As expected, there are now two other documented cases of people in Cambodia who have Covid-19. A Japanese who was in Siem Reap was tested positive in his home country. A Cambodian who has had contact with him is also positive and is being treated in the provincial hospital. The Cambodian government acted promptly in accordance with the WHO recommendations and quarantined 44 other contact persons. As a precautionary measure, the schools in Siem Reap were closed and the Sankranta festival is canceled for the Khmer New Year.

This ensures that the spread of the virus is confined as much as possible. There are already restrictions on travel in the surrounding countries, especially in the important hub of Bangkok. This also reduces the risk of further sick people coming to Cambodia. The number of visitors has dropped dramatically, by over 50 percent, which is mainly due to the absence of Chinese tourists.

Is it safe  regarding Covid-19 in Cambodia?

Generally, the risk of getting Covid-19 is low. If you wash your hands frequently and well enough, you lower the risk even further. With no other cases known from Cambodia, traveling to the country is quite safe. Another advantage is that you are greeted with an Asian greeting (folded palms) and shaking hands is rather the exception.

What do we do for our guests?


We explain our hosts about Covid-19 in Cambodia

We explain our hosts about Covid-19 in Cambodia

Our hosts were instructed to particularly point out to guests the already existing possibility of washing their hands. Since our host families have very little contact with tourists and also operate in a limited local environment, the risk of infection with Covid-19 in Cambodia also decreases. Of course, we have advised our hosts to go to the nearest hospital at the first sign of illness. After an initial query, however, we can report that all of our hosts and their families are doing well.

What can travelers to Cambodia do?

Tourism in Cambodia will suffer a lot from the Corona virus. There are already many cancellations, some hotels are closing temporarily and restaurants also no longer have enough guests. Anyone who travels to Asia now and takes the usual security measures such as hand washing into account supports the local economy. In Cambodia, this is also affected by EU measures that have imposed tariffs on certain goods and textile factories that have had to close due to a lack of raw materials from China. Every dollar currently invested locally in Cambodia can help.