Why a local experience in Cambodia is different

When you are traveling, most of the memorable moments are from interactions with local people. And there are many reasons why a local experience in Cambodia is something you remember. It’s better than what the guide told you for hours when visiting Angkor Wat or the Phnom Kulen . We understand and learn better with all of our senses. Something even more important is context. Reading or just listening is less efficient than watching a video. But even the best video cannot give you the experience you make when interacting with people while traveling.

Our host Mom makes a kids horse from a banana leaf – just one of the local experience you have in Cambodia when booking with us.

Cambodia is well know for the friendly and welcoming people. Wether it is on tourists sites or somewhere at the countryside. Most of the time people will smile at you, greet you with the hands folded together as it is common in Asia to show respect. A local experience in Cambodia with people will let you feel immediatly as a friend visiting friends. Our guests at Dine With The Locals had this experience time after time. They are not customers (or pax, as the tourism industry calls them), but guests visiting a house. and they shall be treated as such.

A local experience in Cambodia means be part of the family

The range of our hosts goes from a well educated manager and an artists to organic farmers and housewifes who live in quote simple conditions. And yet, all have one thing in common: They provide you unforgettable moments with a truly local experience in Cambodia. It starts with the preparation of the meal: You join them watching or even helping. People in Cambodia are easy going and appreciate any community. So cleaning the fish or peeling green mango is something you should definetly do.

Saying hello to the family’s dog can ba another local experience in Cambodia.

Anotherpart ist the conversation. Some of our hosts speak English quite fluent. Some speak just basic English. But you will have a conversation with all of them. We understand a conversation as interaction, not just communication in one language. If you can not speak Khmer, you will find another way of communication. And our hosts will do, when they can’t find the proper English words. That is the fun part with a local experience in Cambodia. and that’s is the way, we create unforgettable memories at Dine With The Locals.

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